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Into the Dreamscape: Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo.

This past week, Square-Enix FINALLY released a playable demo for Final Fantasy XV!

Huge emphasis on the FINALLY there. My Facebook memories reminded me just a few days ago that I was talking about FFXV 3-4 years ago. Sheesh, SE. Anyway! I’ve played the demo to completion on both Xbox One and PS4, and here are my musings!

**HEY, LISTEN! From here on, I’ll describe the demo in mucho detail. There are no actual story spoilers to be found, but hey, I WARN PEOPLE, NAVI STYLE.**

The demo itself is fairly short- you play the majority of it as a young Noctis, making your way through your own dreams. Ever-awesome Carbuncle is your guide (HOHMAIGAH CARBY!!), via a stray cellphone found in there. Follow me.

You begin in a lush, wooded area, following Carbuncle through a rocky terrain and seeing a few classic Summons/Avatars/Aeons before finally plunging into a lake… which leads to an oversized version of your dining room at home! Wheeeee~ dreams are fun. You encounter some very Kingdom Hearts-esque nightmares (think heartless with blue skin) as enemies, and dispatch them with either a sword or a squeaky hammer.

I was all for the squeaky hammer.

There are some awesome items hidden in the demo, such as the Shuriken and the spell Meteorain. There’s a detailed set of videos by Pixel Precision to help you CATCH FIND ‘EM ALL.

By the end of the demo, you’ll come across your hardest (and only) boss: the Iron Giant. Even if you don’t remember them from nearly every single Final Fantasy game, surely some of you guys will remember these dudes from Final Fantasy X, farming the Thunder Plains!

At this point in the demo, Noctis transforms into an adult, much to the shock of his radioactive squirrel friend. (Okay, I’ll say Carbuncle is way less radioactive squirrel in FFXV, unlike his FFXI days where he earned the nickname. WE RULED THE WORLD, CARBY! *cries over FFXI*) During this fight, you’ll learn several of Noctis’ abilities and most of the battle mechanics. The warp ability is pretty cool, and it very much reminds me of DmC: Devil May Cry’s Angel Lift with the Ophion. Which, at least to this girl, isn’t a bad thing.

Once you’ve defeated the Iron Giant, you follow Carbuncle to the end of your dreams, and the demo, at which point you’ll be able to name Carbuncle for future summoning! Wheeeeeee.

Overall, I thought the demo was quite fun. The call-backs to classic FF touched me in *just* the right places (giggity) and really made me excited for the game. In previous years, I lamented straying from Ye Olden Days of Final Fantasy where we took turns in battle and I could take 500 years deciding when I wanted to die to Sephiroth. But things change, and baby, I’m changin’ too.

Wow, that felt really Fleetwood Mac. I’ll take it.

The battle system is smooth and intuitive, though the targeting system made me crazy. Yes, it’s the standard lock-on system, but much like Dark Souls, it gets wonky as hell in some places, especially pushed against walls or objects.

Many people have talked about the frame rate dropping during gameplay, but I will say, I didn’t experience that on Playstation 4. On Xbox One, I had frame rate issues and the demo crashed out twice. I also got warnings of being in a restricted area (ala Borderlands), and being “returned” to a safe area, which meant me standing in the exact same place in the middle of town. Derp. I also felt that the graphics looked much better on PS4.


I normally do ALL THE THINGS on my Xbox, but in continuing tradition, I’ll be getting Final Fantasy XV on mah Sony. Also because my PS4 library is like 5 games big. SRY NOT SRY.

So! What did you guys think of the Platinum Demo for Final Fantasy XV? Love it? Hate it? Wanna do weird things with it? Me too! Share with us in the comments.

Until next time, you stay classy, Dreamscape.