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PSA: Gaming Online Etiquette follow-up

I have been terrible at keeping this updated once again, but at least both blogs have been suffering together! …I guess? Anyway!

I am in the midst of buying/selling houses and have nothing but a tv and Xbox One to keep me company (oh, and my family), so posts are slim every which way. I’m writing this from my phone, which IS A BLAST. 

I wanted to give an interesting update to a post I did a while back about gaming online etiquette and the harassment I had received before. I wanted to do an experiment: I changed my gamertag to something completely free of gender implications. 

Unless you know who the Dread Wolf is. (That’s a dude.) 

And guess what? NOT A SINGLE SHITTY MESSAGE/COMMENT HAS BEEN MADE TO ME SINCE. Not a single one. I have received two messages in the last three-ish months- both said “good game.” 

What the hell, gaming community? 

To me, that makes it quite clear: there is absolutely an issue here.

As I said in my previous post, I didn’t want to think of it that way, as a gender thing. Surely, we were a little more evolved than that. I was wrong in such thinking, as indicated by the results you see here. 

And that’s a shame.

I gave up a gamertag I’ve had for the better part of ten years, to get some peace while playing video games. 

Are we not collectively better than that? 

I’m not here to pout about it- I like my new gamertag all right. It’s just so weird to not be who I have been for years. And yet, I don’t have people sending me hateful/vulgar messages every freaking day. 

Now whether or not in-game Smite has gotten any better, that answer is…









Guys. SRY.

First off, you find some funny stuff when you Google “SRY” for a sorry meme. Sexy shenanigans!

So! A LOT of life has happened in the past year. Again. DAMN.

I launched my debut novel, Godeater: The Second World, and my writing blog takes up lots of time, being mah job and all. But! I’m gonna try to balance that one with actually friggin’ updating this one. Thank you to everyone who is still hanging on!

This week, I’ll be covering the Final Fantasy XV reveal + Platinum Demo, so stay tuned!